Our mission is to provide an excellent experience by exceeding your expectations through our customer service, safe, clean ingredients and most effective formulas. LOHV Essentials was created to promote that loving yourself is not just about your exterior it’s accepting yourself within and being confident in your skin to showing off your natural healthy glowing skin. Increasing your self confidence with not only just your skin but the importance of continuing to love yourself within. Being able to stand confidently shining your light through your healthy, vibrant skin. We believe that when you feel good, you look good, so we make each product with LOHV and happiness in mind. LOHV’n yourself is in! We help you to achieve the confidence to stand confidently in your beautiful vibrant skin.

Our Story

LOHV Essentials came about during a time where I was depressed, and I lost myself. Doing my skincare routine is one of the things that helped me build up my confidence to seek who I am within and my purpose in life. What you put in and on your body effects your mood and skin, so I believe in eating clean and using products with clean effective ingredients is important for a longer youthful life. I use to have heavy dark circles around my eyes, my skin complexion was uneven, and I would have bad reactions to products with fragrance and chemicals on my face. I use to feel so embarrassed of my skin impurities that I would not feel comfortable in my skin so much to the point that I would put make up over my dark circles and skin impurities every day. I remember I would go to the store and buy different products only for my skin to end up looking worse than it was, causing my skin to have allergic reactions. I was eager to come up with a solution for my skin problems. I wanted to enjoy my natural glowing skin at its finest without having to cover up my dark circles and uneven skin tone all the time. Which lead me to years of studying and researching clean, vegan ingredients and it’s healing properties for men and women of all skin types. My curiosity for skin care continued to grow to me hand selecting each ingredient to hiring a chemist to formulate my own products. Making sure each ingredient is clean and effective made it that much easier for me to use my products on my skin without having to worry. After months of using my own products, my friends, family and many people were amazed at how my skin look clear, healthy and vibrant. After years of seeing positive results I took action and decided to release my secret to the world with LOHV Essentials; Love, Organic, Healthy and Vegan skin care products. Now I can share my game changing products not only with my friends and family, but with the world. Thank you for all of your support, I couldn't be where I am today without people like you!