3 Step Kit To A Healthy Clean Yoni: YONI GEL feminine wash+ LOHVLY GEL libido boost wash + LOHVLY ROSE OIL

3 Step Kit To A Healthy Clean Yoni: YONI GEL feminine wash+ LOHVLY GEL libido boost wash + LOHVLY ROSE OIL

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Our Vegan feminine washes and oil products include our YONI gel, LOHVLY gel and LOHVLY oil. Pairing these three soulmates together is a match made in heaven. Making you feel sexy, clean and refreshed! This combo has been proven to help common feminine concerns like dryness, odor, and maintaining a healthy pH balance. LOHVLY gel and LOHVLY oil promotes arousal and enhances libido. This powerful trio gently cleanses and soothes sensitive skin without using artificial colors, or harsh chemicals. Our YONI gel and LOHVLY gel can also be used as a feminine wash, body wash or shower gel. Our feminine products are made of 100% oils so you can feel confident about using them! Formulated with plant extracts and soothing ingredients, making this the perfect combo to keep your yoni feeling fresh and clean all day.


This has been proven to help: maintain a healthy pH, eliminate odor, itching, dryness, helps reduce infections


  1. Apply to intimate area or body in shower. Squeeze a generous amount in the palm of your hand.
  2. Drop a small amount of water and rub your hands together until you see suds forming.
  3. Apply to the outside of intimate area or outside your body. *DO NOT insert gel directly into private areas.
  4. Rinse throughly. Follow up with our LOHVLY Oil for more effective results.

*For external use only. Keep out of reach from children. Avoid contact with eyes. If you are under medical care, pregnant, or have any health problems you may want to talk to your doctor before using natural skincare products. Please consult your physician or midwife before using products containing essential oils if you are pregnant or nursing. This statement has not been evaluated by the Drug and food administration. If products cause allergic reactions, talk to your doctor and know your allergies.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease(s). If allergic reaction, breakout occurs stop the use of the product immediately and contact your primary care physician. 


  • Palm Kernel Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Golden Chamomile


water, palm kernel oil, polyamino sugar condensate, citric acid, vegetable glycerin, herbs, golden chamomile, vegetable flower leaf, aloe vera, rose extract.

Product Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What does it smell like? Our Yoni Gel is fragrance free. Enjoy your Yoni Gel without the worry of any harsh chemicals, and artificial fragrance.
  • When will I start to see results?  While this yoni gel has been known to give results in as little as a day almost instantly, everyone’s skin is different, so we recommend using it consistently for at least 1-2 weeks for desired results. 
  • Can this be used as a full face cleanser? we prefer you to use Cleanse The Day Away for more effective results for your face.
  • Can I insert this in my vagina? Use the gel on and around your vaginal opening but never inside, use inside your vagina can cause irritation.
  • Can I use this all over my body? This gel works great for both your yoni and body. 
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